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I believe it's important to look beyond the symptoms of health problems. I use my clinical knowledge and insight to discover the root causes of health challenges. I work with patients to create personalized programs to transform health and a achieve a vibrant, vital life.   —Dr. Carol Shwery

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Are aches and pains preventing you from doing the things you want? Are you exhausted and having trouble sleeping? Are you suffering with  hormone issues, toxicity or gut problems?


Getting older doesn’t have to feel this way. You can feel vital, healthy, and strong. I can help. I have been helping patients just like you achieve great health from infants to people well into their 40's, 50's and beyond since 1982. Schedule a free consultation today and start living your best life.

Frustrated with the state of your health?

Tired of being sick, tired, and in pain?

MY SOLUTION:  Find the root. Treat the cause. Use natural solutions. Get powerful results. 

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Achieve Better Health Through Balance

The Triad of Health contains three essential elements for total health: structural, nutritional, and emotional. An imbalance to one or more of these areas leads to health problems and disease. As a doctor in both Chiropractic/ Applied Kinesiology and Functional Medicine, I treat the whole patient, addressing all three parts of the triad.


Testing of muscles as a primary feedback mechanism to find disturbances in the body and determine how to fix them.
A holistic healthcare system that looks for underlying root causes of health issues, and promotes health through a patient centered, natural approach.  

Dr. Shwery is very skilled, and considers the whole body when working. I'm always amazed how she can pin-point the exact area that needs adjustment, and does her work in a non-forceful way. The results of her treatment are always successful. - Sue


I came to Dr. Shwery feeling depleted in energy and frustrated with menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, irritation, slight depression and weight gain. With her encouragement and prescribed formulas, I have lost 15 pounds, enjoy exercising again, feel a sustained energy level throughout the day, and am sleeping well through the night. - Karen

I have been a patient of Dr Shwery for the past 30 years. She has helped me with many ailments through the years. Her office is always kind and professional. I consider her part of my "Healing Family". I highly recommend her for all your chiropractic needs. - Mario

I’ve discovered new levels of health and a better understanding of holistic healing methods. Dr. Shwery created an individualized nutrition plan, along with skillful Chiropractic sessions that have reduced inflammation, pain, and soreness that had limited my ability to enjoy life. - Pearl

Dr.C has been the most supportive, thoughtful, and intelligent healing force in my life. She has transformed my ideas around healing. I am so grateful we crossed paths and that I met her when I needed her the most. As a person I have changed and moved past so many aches, pains, symptoms and previous diagnoses with Dr.C’s careful awareness and suggestions. And now with a few states between us she is still able to support me in my healing. She reminds me that I don’t have to be alone in this work and that I have the right to be listened to and acknowledged. Thank you so much for all that you do Dr.C we are all so lucky to have you! - Maria



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