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8 Simple Strategies

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to Balance Your Health, Improve Your Vitality,
and Transform Your Life
at Any Age

Before you can find successful long-term solutions to your health challenges, you must find the root causes. This is where Functional Medicine can change your life. 

Functional medicine is a beautifully patient-centered, integrative approach to healthcare that goes deeper than symptom relief, and helps you have control of your own physical and mental health.

By Reading this 40-Page ebook you will learn:


Functional Medicine and How it Can Help You

Are you tired and frustrated with your healthcare because you are just being treated to eliminate symptoms? Are you looking for a system and a doctor who will take the time and has the expertise to find the underlying root cause/s of your health concerns and treat you naturally? Functional Medicine may be just what you are looking for.


Discover Your Weak Links to Your Overall Health

Take the time to fill out the health questionnaire inside the eBook to see what areas you need to improve upon. When you are rigorously honest, you may be surprised at your answers. (BTW, no one can see them but you.)


Uncover the Eight Most Important Steps to Optimize Your Health

Once you have an idea where your weak links to your health are, you will learn about the 8 Foundations of Health and how these areas need to be addressed to optimize your energy and vitality.


Simple Strategies to Improve Your Overall Wellness and Follow Up Support

You will be amazed at the simple and easy lifestyle strategies you can adopt to improve your life and your health, starting today! You will also be given a way to deep dive into your health with Dr. Shwery and get follow up support to find the root causes of your heath challenges and discover the path to transform your life, at any age.

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